#015 Two Randomized Portraits




By Khrysso Heart LeFey. Digitized collage. The components of this image are exactly what the title says: two portraits were divided and arranged until Khrysso was satisfied with the way the colors and textures interacted. It is his practice, when composing collages, to remove any identifiers of specific people, but these pieces all came from portraits. The warm humanity of this work projects, and is a fitting visual focus for meditation in the Heart Chakra, and a rich, contemporary artwork in a life space. Available as a discreet 4×4″ or as large as 30×30″.

Our exquisite metal prints are made from 100% recycled aluminum, and the surface is scratch resistant, weatherproof, and waterproof, with a sheen like glass. The mount is exceptionally strong and sturdy. Easy to clean with glass cleaner, but please avoid direct sunlight exposure.

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10×10 inch, 12×12 inch, 14×14 inch, 16×16 inch, 20×20 inch, 24×24 inch, 30×30 inch, 4×4 inch, 5×5 inch, 6×6 inch, 8×8 inch


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