The magic of an original painting or another piece of art often includes textures and surface effects created by the artist. There is just no substitution for that.

But many works, especially with cutting edge technology, are perfect for high quality prints. Photos and digital art can only exist as prints, and there are many other types of media that reproduce beautifully with high quality printing methods.

The Artists LeFey have spent years researching printers to find those capable of superior work at an affordable cost. It’s important to us that our art not be a high-end product, available only to the wealthy collector. We want our friends, regular people like us, to be able to enjoy the inspirational beauty that artists create. But of course we have exacting standards as well, and we’ve rejected quite a few printers as just not good enough for fine art prints from The Artists LeFey. As well as premium printing methods and inks, our prints are also available on a variety of media from stretched or wrapped canvas to metal or acrylic, and often the artist will recommend which media they think presents their work best.