Listening for art that sings

GreenMantle by Grey Forge LeFeyOriginally from a small town, I was gobsmacked when I attended Art School in Pittsburgh as a young man. Suddenly, there was a plethora of art available for me to view in person: the Warhol Museum, the Frick Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Museum, lots of local galleries. I could see masterpieces done by the artists themselves, see the texture in the paint, the brush strokes, the intensity of the hues. And I could hear them sing. I'll never forget being captivated by Van Gogh's Wheat Fields after the Rain, how I would visit it time and again, never tiring of its song.

I took my best friend from home to the Carnegie and introduced her to Monet's magnificent Water Lilies. I asked her what she heard it say, how it made her feel. She sat quielty and studied it for some time, and then said, "It's pretty, but it doesn't really make me feel anything." I was so saddened to discover that she was so artistically detached.

She did want to see the dinosaurs so we continued through the museum heading to Natural History. She perused the art we passed, and suddenly she paused, "Oh, my." Renoir's The Garden in the Rue Cortot had stopped her cold. She stared, transfixed at its lush colors, and she heard it sing. And I discovered that art is a singular experience. And that's ok.

So what I have to offer from my history is that your environment, the places you spend your time, that most precious of your commodoties, should be places imbued with visual music. Surrounding yourself with art that moves you is a generous gift to yourself. It's worthwhile to view art until you hear a piece that sings to you. Your home, your workplace, can be filled with more than decor. Life is short. You deserve to enrich your special spaces with art that you can gaze at, that will bring you peace and comfort, or energize you. Don't be in a hurry to discover those pieces, and allow yourself time to enjoy them when you do. Art that sings to you will become a lifelong friend.

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~ Grey Forge LeFey

February 16, 2018

Above art: GreenMantle, digital fantasy on original photograph, © Grey Forge LeFey