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What's so special about this gallery?

Throughout history, there have been many mystics, shamans, lightworkers, and prophets who have shared insight into mysteries of the divine transcending ordinary human knowledge. A few of these are Pythagoras, John the Baptist, Francis of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, Rumi, Hildegard of Bingen, Khalil Gibran, Lao Tzu, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Henri Nouwen. In addition to the huge list of the famous, there are countless mystics who have taught and enlightened others over the centuries, and even today.

This is a very special time. Those who are mindful are aware of a stirring across the spiritual realm, the shimmer of a great imminent change, and more people from all walks are awakening to mysticism all the time.

We Artists LeFey, Khrysso Heart and Grey Forge, are two such ministers. We are both artists who have had life-long journeys of learning and sensitivity to the more real. We met and married in recent years, and the culmination of our work is to inspire others in pursuit of spiritual wakening. If our art can enhance your space to assist in your journey, we are blessed.

We are honored to also present the works of our dear friend, guru, and lightworker, Suni Moon, whose paintings have stirred the spirit in so many fans and followers. Suni is a holistic wellness specialist and she directs energy like she directs paint: with heart, soul, and spirit.

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